New Gmail Compose


I started using the new Gmail Compose last week. It’s closer to what I’m used to seeing on my phone so it didn’t take much to get used to, but I do kind of miss having it expand to my whole window.

I’m one of those people who expands all windows when using them – I like them to take up the entire screen. Has anyone found a way to make that happen?

Search in Gmail Attachments


Lifehacker has pointed me to a neat new feature in Gmail:

Previously, you could only find an attachment if you searched for the message’s text, the filename, or its file type. Now, however, you can search for text within DOC, PDF, PPT, and other files and Gmail will bring them up in your search results.

Since I use Gmail for work and home email this is going to be very very helpful!

Beginner’s Guide to Gmail


I’ve been using Gmail so long that I take it for granted that it can be foreign to some people. A friend of mine just got a Nexus 7 and had to sign up for Google (and Gmail) to use it and after 15 to 20 years of using the same email client that can be a bit terrifying. Mashable has a guide to help my friend and your patrons (who might be new to Gmail too).

Native Gmail users have become so adapted to the service, it’s hard to think anyone doesn’t know the basics.

Luckily, Google supplies us with practically unlimited data, so there’s plenty of room for newcomers.

Whether you’re just getting started on email or jumping ship from another client, this guide will help you get started. From setting up an account to organizing your inbox for maximum efficiency, you’ll be a Gmail warrior by the time you hit the end of this post.

Plugins for Gmail Productivity


A post on Mashable lists 9 plugins to help with you email productivity in Gmail. I have installed a couple of these but don’t have enough experience to review any of them yet. Hopefully one or more of them ends up helping you:

Learn more about each of them on Mashable.