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Multiple Google Account Sigin Just Got Easier

I use Google Apps at work and Google for my personal account as well, this means that sometimes I have to take a few steps to log in to both accounts at once. Google has tried to make it easier with the new Account Chooser. It works by linking one Google account to the others, so when you’re signed into account #1 it knows you should have access to accounts  [ Read More ]

Google to buy Frommer’s?

This from The Next Web: Word on the street via The Wall Street Journal is that Google is acquiring the Frommer’s brand of travel guides for an undisclosed amount in order to beef up its travel-planning searches. What remains to be see is whether Frommer’s will continue to have paper guides published, or whether the entire product will go digital. I am a huge huge fan of Frommer’s books and actually  [ Read More ]

Hacking and a rant on texting

I just finished reading an article by Mat Honan on how his digital life was hacked and totally destroyed due to one hacker who just wanted to get his hands on Mat’s 3 letter Twitter handle. This is a must read! More and more of our lives are in the cloud and more and more of our content accessible via other accounts (Google linked to Twitter linked to Amazon linked  [ Read More ]

New Google Calculator

This is kinda neat. I have used Google as a calculator before by typing math in to the search box, but now when you do that you get a calculator where you can perform more operations. If that’s not cool enough for you try doing a voice search on Google … yup, that’s right, the calculator is also voice activated! Found via TechCrunch.

Google Reader Pet Peeve

So, in getting started again with reading blogs and writing here I decided to go through my Google Reader account and clean things up. I’m actually very surprised that three years after my last Google Reader rant the same problems still exist. Hopefully I’m wrong and one of you can help me. I want to be able to share a list of blogs that I subscribe to. I find lists  [ Read More ]

Logging in to Multiple Google Accounts

I use Google for everything! I have my personal Google account and all the apps associated with that and I also use Google Apps at work. Up until now that wasn’t a big deal, I just opened up two Firefox tabs and logged in to one account in each. This week however, Google forced those using Google Apps to transition their accounts. What this means is that you can only  [ Read More ]

Google and Data

Two new(ish) tools from Google make it easier to examine and organize your data. Back in November they announced Google Refine (which looks totally awesome if I do say so myself): Google Refine is a power tool for working with messy data sets, including cleaning up inconsistencies, transforming them from one format into another, and extending them with new data from external web services or other databases. Version 2.0 introduces  [ Read More ]

Google Maps Labs

Okay this is just sad. Apparently Google Maps has had a link to Labs since at least February, but I just noticed it today. I have used Labs before in my email and like the idea of adding new features to Google Maps – i just wish I was more observant and had seen this sooner. My favorite new feature is the ability to draw a box on the map  [ Read More ]

Gmail Priority Inbox

New Gmail

I just logged into Gmail to find that things are changed – not much, but changed just the same. Things look a bit cleaner and I love that my contacts are now at the top of the screen (before they were below my ton of labels). I’m also checking out the changes to contacts which were much needed for someone like me who uses my Google contacts for everything.

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