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New Google Gadgets

I just logged into my homepage and click on my Gmail link, like I always do and it opened up in my Google Homepage instead of it’s own window like I’m used to. Seems that Google has redone their homepage to make access to the gadgets different. There is now a menu on the left with your gadgets – you click gadgets there and they open up in your Google  [ Read More ]

New Google Blog Search

I keep reading about the new Google Blog Search and how it’s supposed to be a Techmeme killer – but I don’t see why. I read Techmeme via RSS – and I don’t see any such option on the new Google Blog Search homepage for technology – where’s the RSS???

Google Docs Survey

I just finished taking the Google Docs Product Survey and wanted to point it out to you all too. Take the survey and let Google know what you want improved with Google Docs.

YouTube & Google

Okay – can someone tell me why I’d want to say yes to this prompt on YouTube? I clicked the question mark, but it just tells me how to link them – not why I’d care to link them. Technorati Tags: google, youtube

Gmail Contacts

I just read that Gmail has improved their contact handling by not putting every address you ever contact into your contacts list. We’ve heard from some of you that Gmail’s auto-added contacts can lead to too much address book clutter. One of the advantages of automatically creating contacts is that all of the addresses you email subsequently show up in auto-complete. We wanted to preserve this benefit while giving you  [ Read More ]

Google Docs Templates

Did you know that Google Docs had templates? I didn’t! Check them out here. The directory includes links to templates for all three doc types (presentations, spreadsheets and word processing) including resumes and personal finance forms. Very handy!!

Google Books – Too Good to be True

There is a discussion going on on the NGC4Lib List about using Google Books content in our OPACs. Today I read Tim’s post talking about the new Google terms of service for their Books API. After some delay, Google has now posted–for the first time–a “Terms of Use” for the Google Book Search API ( If you’re planning to use GBS data, you should be sure to read it. The  [ Read More ]

Google Sites for All

Back in February I bookmarked Google Sites, but didn’t write about it because it was only available via Google Apps (which I get to use at work). Today I read that Google Sites is now available to all! A few months ago, Google launched Google Sites, a hosted wiki product built on JotSpot technology. But until this week, Google Sites was only available to Google Apps users, which basically meant  [ Read More ]

Google Search for Macs

Oooo – this looks neat: I haven’t played with it yet, but Google has a Mac search now. If you run into a problem on a Windows computer, all you have to do is type a little description of the problem and Google takes care of the rest; Mac users, on the other hand, often need to include a little context in their search—instead of typing a query like text  [ Read More ]

Google Docs Offline

I was working on some Google Docs today and noticed a little New! icon in the top corner. I clicked it only to find this: Looks like we can now edit our Google Docs offline – I’ll have to play with this before my next Office 2.0 class.

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