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IL2006 Presentation Links

The links are coming – the links are coming! Make sure you keep an eye on the IL2006 Presentation Links page. Technorati Tags: il2006, il06

LOL – People will record anything

So, after I left the Crown & Anchor pub one of the nights at IL, people discovered the wonders of the Xlerator hand dryer – watch it in action. Technorati Tags: il2006, il06

Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets!

I didn’t get to attend this session, but I can keep up because Aaron Schmidt has put the presentation online. The most confusing (and kind of useful) item – the USB heated gloves (on page 17) – at first I couldn’t figure out why I would have my laptop with me while out in the snow. But Aaron’s description cleared it up for me – I can use these in  [ Read More ]

Wireless at Internet Librarian

This year I was doing double duty as a conference blogger and a MLS student. This means I needed reliable internet access. I was planning on paying for wireless, but as Sarah has pointed out – wireless was insanely priced at $50 a hour or $300 a day!!!! See the screenshot on Sarah’s blog. Instead I paid $10 a day for wired access in my room. Technorati Tags: il2006, il06

The RSS & JavaScript Cookbook

Meredith Farkas & Paul Pival gave a fun presentation on RSS (something I use tons of) & JS (something I don’t use much of). Using JS and RSS Paul & Meredith showed us how to create a dynamic subject page for your library site. The problem with traditional subject pages is that they aren’t updated often, they’re not easy to update (HTML required), and since no field is static a  [ Read More ]

Mashup Applications

So I’m sitting in the presentation about Flickr & Libraries and I realize I wanted to see John Blyberg’s talk on mashups – so I run to the other side of the conference center and sit down right in front. Of course I missed the introduction – so I had to jump in in the middle. The main reason I wanted to see John was because of his PatREST application.  [ Read More ]

My Presentation

Well, I’m all done and it went well. I had to provide an intro because 2 of the panel speakers were unable to make it. I didn’t get to show everything I wanted on the Intranet, but that’s okay because I uploaded a bunch of images and they can be found in my Flickr set. Also as promised the presentation is available here and through my presentations page. It does  [ Read More ]

Bottom-Up Web Redesign

The description for this talk read: Web site redesign used to be a chore, but no longer! By using a process that combines evidence-based design, user-driven planning, and extensive user testing, you can create a site that practically designs itself. Wisnewski will map out how a bottom-up design process is both easier, as well as more effective, at producing an attractive and functional Web site that meets user needs. Sounds  [ Read More ]

Presenting Today

I know that I’m behind on my reporting – but I’ll catch up on the plane – I hope Today I give my first national conference – and I’ve been up since 4am CA time! Last night I was having too much fun with everyone to come back here and prepare – so now I’m paying for it Well, I guess I better get back to it – I’ll post  [ Read More ]

Glenn Peterson from started out this presentation with template that read “Libraries Change Lives Through Lifelong Learning” – I LOVE IT!! Glenn reminded us of some big OPAC developments in the past year: ILS Customer Bill of Rights PatREST (more about this later) NCSU/Endeca Catalog NGC4Lib Mailing List Catalog searches everywhere (Amazon, Google, MySpace) One of the things that we do at our library and is a pet peeve  [ Read More ]

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