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Cool Tools

Cool Tools for Webmasters from Darlene & Frank: Site Maps eXactMapper Lite Google Sitemap Builder BlingCreate Flash animations WinkNot very sophisticated – great for tutorials Powerbullet PresenterA bit more sophisticated Maps (not free – but powerful) Yahoo! User Interface Library Flickr Captionr! ColrPickr (search for pictures by color) retrievr (search for pictures like yours) More Photos Web Gallery Creator (goes through directories on your computer and  [ Read More ]

Web 2.0 & Libraries

Karen Coombs started out the session on Innovative Uses of Web 2.0 Technologies by sharing some basic principles of Web 2.0. Radical Decentralization An example of centralization is people sending content to one web person and that person making the necessary web edits. Decentralization is the opposite – letting the people change the necessary pages as they need. The perfect example of this is Wikis & Blogs – giving the  [ Read More ]

Shared Innovation

Today I had the pleasure of getting to hear Paul Miller from Talis talk again. You may remember my enthusiastic post from CIL last year. His talk was not titled Shared Innovation – but it was a lot about Shared Innovation (and the talk had the same title as at CIL so I didn’t want to title another post with the same name ) Paul reminds us that library 2.0  [ Read More ]

IL2006 – Keynote Day 1 – J. A. Jance

Judy Jance was the speaker for today’s Keynote – and while I haven’t read her books (or heard of her before today ) I’m so glad I got to hear her talk!! When I have time to read something other than a textbook (a year from now) I’m going out to buy one of this woman’s books. She has lived through so much and had such amazing experiences and that  [ Read More ]


I have just paid for my Flickr account – that’s right – up til now I just stayed within my limits as a free member, but today when I couldn’t create a new set for IL2006 photos I decided it was worth it to make the leap! So now you can see my pictures at my own address: and I can upload until my heart’s content. See my IL2006  [ Read More ]

SLA Reception

I have just gotten back from the SLA reception (and after party). I had such a great time I got to talk to so many people about so many things I’m passionate about! The reception was hosted by InfoToday for the SLA members because they had just held their board meetings here in Monterey (I think I got that right) and the food and wine was great!! The best part  [ Read More ]

The Smallest Airport

So I have arrived here in Monterey (with more bags than I care to tell you about). Turns out that Monterey has the smallest airport I have ever been in! You get off the plane by walking down these scary steps and then you have to walk a while (outside – it was a nice day) before you get into the terminal – and by terminal I mean one room  [ Read More ]

Internet Librarian – Here I Come

Well – not if I don’t finish packing today But I thought I’d let you all know that I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Internet Librarian. My talk will be on how we’re using Wikis on our Intranet and will take place in the first half of the 2 part Wiki session (come see me!). My schedule still has some openings if you want to meet up – I’ll have my  [ Read More ]

Internet Librarian OPML

Well, I was waiting for someone else to do this – and no one did So here we go. This is the first OPML file I have ever created – I hope I did it right. Share this file with your friends so they can keep up with what’s happening at Internet Librarian this year. Right click on the link for the OPML and save to your computer and then  [ Read More ]

My Conference Schedules

Okay I have updated my schedules for Internet Librarian and KMWorld & Intranets. I am open for dinners & lunches and love meeting new people, so if you’re going to be at either conference just contact me! Technorati Tags: il2006, il06, km2006, km06

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