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KohaCon10: Additional Posts

In addition to my posts on KohaCon10 others posted information they learned and shared at the conference – I thought I should share that here so that you all can keep up with everything Koha and KohaCon related. KohaCon10 & our API KohaCon10 Presentations KohaCon10 video 1: Rosalie Blake KohaCon10 video 2: Lee Phillips Why Librarians Love Koha KohaCon10 Pictures KohaCon10 is Finished Technorati Tags: kohacon10

KohaCon10: Ideas for Koha 4.0

Up next our own Ian Walls to talk about his awesome visions for where we can go with Koha 4.0! Ian warned us that the following could all be ideological and naive and we have to remember that they are all just his ideas and nothing concrete. First (and Ian rants about this alot) we need to rebuild some of the modules like holds, notices, accounts (a big problem for  [ Read More ]

KohaCon10: Intro to Git

Andrew Ruthven was up first this morning at the hackfest to tell us about using Git. For those who don’t know Git is what we use to keep track of changes to Koha files. With git we can track changes to software and files and come back and view a history. Using Git you can look back and find when bugs were introduced (often referred to as ‘blame’) and then  [ Read More ]

KohaCon10: 10 years in 10 minutes

The final session at KohaCon yesterday was a video of Koha development over 10 years. I didn’t write it up because there’s not much to say, but now that the video is up online I can share that with you all and you can see what I saw. Technorati Tags: kohacon10

KohaCon10: Presentation Map

David Friggens put together an awesome Prezi map of the presentations at Koha – make sure you check it out later when he’s updated it with the final links and such. Kohacon10 on Prezi Technorati Tags: kohacon10

KohaCon10: Open Library and Koha

George Oates from the Open Library project was up next to tell us how we can use Koha with the Open Library. The Open Library started with records from something like 30 libraries and now anyone can add books by filling in just a few required fields (but I highly recommend adding more than that first form asks for – just so that the library has more valuable info). I  [ Read More ]

Donald Christie from Catalyst was up first after lunch to talk to us about celebrating, promoting and supporting free software in libraries. First up – Freedom. With free software we have the freedom to have new ideas, learn, share, remove arbitrary controls, collaborate, form communities and spread knowledge. Donald also brought up the anti-features that Fran├žois mentioned and pointed us to a site where you can find a list of  [ Read More ]

KohaCon10: From LAMP to Koha

Farasat Shafi-Ullah from SCME National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, Pakistan was the first up this morning and we all gave him a huge round of applause for taking a 5 day journey to get here! I have to add yet again that this conference is an awesome way to see how much we all love Koha and how strong the community really is. Now on to  [ Read More ]

KohaCon10: Koha in Malaysia

Amzari Abu Bakar came up after me to talk about the Koha experience in Malaysia. Amzari started by telling us about the systems that libraries in Malaysia are using – they run the gambit from home grown to large proprietary systems. From 2005 to 2008 only three libraries (one special, one school and one small academic) in Malaysia were known to be using Koha (as said earlier there is no  [ Read More ]

KohaCon10: How to Participate

I obviously couldn’t blog myself so Ian Walls wrote up my session on the ByWater Solutions blog and I’m going to share it with you here (with his permission). —————- A presentation by our very own Nicole Engard. As Nicole was writing her last book, Practical Open Source Software for Libraries, she did a word cloud on the first few chapters. After “open”, “source” and “software”, the next largest word  [ Read More ]

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