More Google Maps

I have see so many uses for the Google Map service lately. Today I found the Weather Underground map and the Housing Maps which lists homes and rooms for rent and sale listed on craglist. There's also Frappr which lets you create a map for your group (like the blogging librarians map) and Wayfaring which I mentioned earlier.

Want to find more neat Google Maps? Check out the Google Maps Mania blog.

Weather Stations Map

You've probably used some online service like Weather Underground to get your local weather, but have you see the new Weather Stations Google Map? Plug your zip code in and see data from your local weather stations. Use the radio buttons at the top to choose to view temperature/wind direction, dew point/humidity or precipitation readings all plotted on a Google map.

Wayfaring Map

I read about this interesting sounding tool on Library Stuff this morning … it's called Wayfaring, and it lets you create and share maps. Steven created a map for his route to work, and I thought … “I can do that” … but for some reason it's just not that easy. I typed in the address I wanted in PA, and it kept saying it couldn't find it … then I narrowed it and it found a location in CA … hmmm. Well I'm going to keep playing with it, maybe I'm just missing something.