Self Publishing

At the seminary we (meaning our Special Collections Assistant, Sarah) put together a book of pictures from one of our donors. She used a service called – I had heard of LuLu, but hadn’t heard of Blurb until she started this project. When book was printed and arrived at the library I was shocked at how professional it looked – then I looked at the price and was even more shocked!! The hardback book with dust jacket is 92 pages of images and text and costs more than $100.

I mention this because I thought the price might have to do with the layout of the book and the size that was chosen, as it turns out, I’m probably right because my cousin put together an awesome book of pictures from Sweden (also using Blurb) that is over 100 pages of images, but smaller in size and costs a little over $50 for the hardcover version.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere really :) I just wanted you all to know that if you’re like me and you’ve heard of LuLu but not Blurb, you might want to try out Blurb because it produces some pretty awesome results. (that’s not say that LuLu doesn’t – it’s just that I haven’t seen any print products from LuLu yet)

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