Downgrade from Windows 8


Disclaimer: I’m not a Windows user … not even a Windows fan … but this is probably of interest to some of you so I’m sharing.

The other day my Dad was asking about buying a new computer. He didn’t want Windows 8 so he wanted to hurry and buy a computer soon so he could get Windows 7. It seems to be a common theme I’m seeing on the tech blogs – Windows 8 is a disappointment. So that’s why I thought I should share this Lifehacker article about easily downgrading your Windows 8 machine to Windows 7.

If you’re planning on getting a Windows laptop/computer soon and want Windows 7 be sure to read the tips from Lifehacker.

Open Source for Windows

I just read on Download Squad about this nifty CD.

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society has put together a CD with 100 free/open source application for Windows XP/2000 users. You can pay for the CD or you can download an ISO file straight from their site. The CD includes Desktop Applications, Educational Programs, Games, Graphics Software, Internet Tools, Server Related Programs, Apps for Sound and Video, and Utilities.

Pretty handy if you just bought a new computer and don’t want to download everything all over again.